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Terms & Conditions

In the following Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:

  • Electronic address: A designation within the ICT system allowing communication through electronic devices, specifically electronic mail.

  • Resume: The User’s resume submitted as an external file attached to the User Profile.

  • Commercial information: Information for the promotion of goods, services, or the image of the entrepreneur, excluding personal communication and non-commercial information.

  • Login: The e-mail address provided by the User for use on the Website.

  • Employer: A natural person, legal person, or other entity looking for employees, service providers, or individuals providing services, including recruitment entities acting on behalf of said entities.

  • User Profile: The information provided by the User to VFOG Recruitment concerning their professional qualifications and career path, filled out during registration.

  • Terms and Conditions: The “Terms and Conditions of services provided by” in accordance with the Electronic Services Law.

  • Website: The website operated by VFOG Recruitment under the URL address:

  • ICT system: The system of interacting IT devices and software allowing for data processing, storage, sending, and receiving through telecommunications networks.

  • Means of electronic communication: Technological solutions, including ICT devices and software, allowing for individual remote communication involving data transmission between ICT systems.

  • Electronic services: Services provided without the simultaneous presence of the parties (remotely) based on data transmission at the individual request of the User.

  • Services: All electronic services provided by VFOG Recruitment to the Users.

  • Service provider or VFOG Recruitment: VFOG Recruitment Blaumana iela 9.

  • User (Service recipient): The natural person using the free electronic service provided by VFOG Recruitment.


2 General Provisions


1. The Terms and Conditions establish the provisions for electronic services provided by VFOG Recruitment related to User Profiles and handling recruitment processes on the Website for third parties.

2. The Terms and Conditions are provided to Users free of charge and upon request before entering the agreement for provision of Services.

3. VFOG Recruitment shall ensure efficient and uninterrupted provision of the services specified in the Terms and Conditions, with temporary downtime possible for maintenance work or circumstances beyond the control of VFOG Recruitment.

4. The Services provided by the Website are free of charge for Users.

5. The User shall not upload illegal content to the Website, specifically content infringing upon the rights and freedoms of third parties.

6. VFOG Recruitment reserves the right to remove User posts infringing upon the law, third party rights, or the Service Provider.


3 Conditions for Establishing and Terminating Electronic Services Agreements


1. VFOG Recruitment provides services under the conditions specified in the Terms and Conditions.

2. Only adults can register Profiles on the Website.

3. The services offered by VFOG Recruitment require fulfillment of the technical requirements necessary to use the ICT system of the Website.

4. The Website presents job offers of its clients, i.e., Employers.

5. A User interested in a job offer can apply to it after registering a User Profile.

6. The User Profile is activated after the User fills out the registration form, agrees to the Terms and Conditions, and clicks: Send application.

7. The User can delete the Profile registered on the Website by sending an e-mail to or by clicking on the “Delete profile” button after signing in to the User Profile.

8. VFOG Recruitment may request Users to update their Profiles periodically.

9. VFOG Recruitment processes the User’s personal data in accordance with the law and ensures that it is updated and correct.


4 Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal User Data


1. The User’s personal data will be processed for various purposes, including providing electronic services, evaluating data for matching job offers, and periodic reminders to update data.

2. VFOG Recruitment processes the User’s personal data in accordance with the law and ensures that it is updated and correct.

3. VFOG Recruitment may share personal data with entities operating under the commission of VFOG Recruitment based on a data entrustment agreement.

4. VFOG Recruitment does not share personal data with third countries, except in cases where the employer is located outside of the European Union, in which case appropriate security measures are taken.

5. VFOG Recruitment uses security measures to minimize the risk of data leakage, destruction, or disintegration.

6. The User has rights related to the provided personal data, including the right to be informed, the right to access and update data, and the right to erasure.


5 Complaints


1. User complaints can be filed via e-mail, telephone, or traditional mail to VFOG Recruitment at the contact e-mail

2. The User’s rights shall be executed within 30 days of receiving the request.


6 Final Provisions


1. The Service Provider reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions, and the User can file a statement of no consent to the amendments within 14 days.

2. The Service Provider reserves the right to discontinue free-of-charge Profiles on the Website.

3. Matters not regulated by the Terms and Conditions are subject to applicable provisions of the law.

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